Cooper Brightman

Friday, April 25, 2008

Random shots from the past year

I dont know anybody with as much soul as coop.
So many of my fondest life memmories are with with this dude by my side.
A humble monster...Whose got your back till the end.

The authors first buck in Idaho. 2 AM 2 miles left to go.
coop practicly ran a marathon in this kind of terain, pushing deer around for me. hes the stout.

This boy aint no joke with that bean blower. aka the sniper

All smiles after a day of shreddin, Matt Sandoval joinin the charge.
Good morning. its go time.

Teton Canyon, beer, is good.
Summer time training.

is that bait..? badger creek. antler hunting mission, turned hungry hikers with a fishing rod.

The Brightman brothers... Blackfoot creek, ID

Wednesday, January 23, 2008